Munroe Bergdorf resigns as LGBT adviser jus a week after being appointed


Munroe Bergdorf has announced that she has resigned from her post as the LGBT adviser to the Labour Party. The transgender model and social activist had been appointed by Shadow Secretary of State for Women and Equalities Dawn Butler, announced on Twitter that it was a great honor for her to be appointed for such a post but she is forced to step down because the media backlash against her and her appointment, unfortunately, made it impossible for her to continue working. “This is a decision I’ve made due to endless attacks on my character by the Conservative right-wing press and relentless online abuse. I refuse to be painted as a villain or used as a pawn in the press’ efforts, especially those at the Daily Mail, to discredit the Labour Party or discredit their transphobic rightist agendas,” Munroe writes, “I refuse to be used as a distraction from the upcoming discussions concerning the Gender Recognition Act and the Conservative Party’s lack of action on the Racial Disparities Audit.”


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