Kentucky Governor says that homophobic clerk Kim Davis inspires children


Kentucky governor Matt Bevin has claimed that anti-gay clerk Kim Davis an “inspiration” to the youngest Americans as she is not giving up on her position and is ready to stand for her views even when the majority of people is not ready to divide them. The governor praised Ms Davis for “her boldness and conviction” in “knowing that she was right.” “Her faith and her conviction in the fact that that faith was protected by the First Amendment in our Constitution – in our Bill of Rights, specifically – is something that she was willing to put front and center, and if that’s not admirable, if that’s not something we would want all Americans to emulate, I don’t know what is,” said the governor, noting that even those who disagree with Davis respect her for being faithful to God and to herself and being ready even to be punished for doing what she believes to be right.


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