Queer Eye’s Karamo Brown dislikes gay dating apps


The TV personality says that technological progress leads to regress in LGBT community and even though the dating apps were intended to unite gay people in fact they are only separating them. Karamo revealed that he has never been on a dating app and does not want to because he dislikes the idea of uniting gay people around sex, he believes that gay people could have much more in common instead of limiting the intra-community communication with sexual interest. “When you talk about the apps that we have, they usually encourage, ‘Send me a photo,’ which is very vague. My photo has nothing to do with the person I am, the dreams I have, the family I want to build, the family I’m from. We’re in a culture now where, if I don’t like you, I don’t have to get to know you, I just have to swipe left. How horrible is that?” he asks. He insists that it is still better to leave your phone and go out to find some interesting place where you can have a good time. And maybe you will be lucky enough to meet someone there. And meeting a person eye to eye, learning and exploring this person, creating a connection and then deciding what it could lead to is much grater than just looking through dating apps profiles.


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