Terminal illness ended the first same-sex marriage in Australia

Lesbian wedding cake figurine

The first same-sex couple to be married in Australia were married for 48 days after one of the partners lost her battle with a terminal illness. Jill Kindt and Jo Grant were granted a special license to get married just six days after marital registrations came into effect, reports ABC News, because Grant was terminally ill and her condition did not allow her to wait one more month to marry the one she loved. “I know there are other couples that were married that weekend, and for different reasons. They are among the first … and the reason we did is a tremendously sad one, and I’d trade everything for not having to stand here and talk about this story,” said Queensland’s parliament by state Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath. Married among friends in their own back garden in Queensland, the pair celebrated 48 days together before Grant died and now her widow says that these were the greatest 48 days of her life and Jo has passed away as her wife, it is already a gift from heaven she is grateful for.


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