Bisexual black Barbie is what we all deserve


Champion Olympic boxer Nicola Adams, an openly bisexual woman of color, served as an inspiration for a brand new Barbie doll in a wake of International Women’s Day. Adams, who has two Olympic gold medals, is the first Brit to join the ‘Shero’ series designed to honour women who serve as an inspiration in society. Adams as a Barbie was in a gold and white boxing outfit, complete with her trademark partially shaved head. “My hope is that everything I do helps more people realise they can do anything they put their mind to,” Nicola said, adding that she had her mom as a role model of a woman and Muhammad Ali as a role model of a boxer, but there was no woman in boxing she would hear about when she was a little girl. But now she is such a woman and she can tell little girls that they can combine boxing and femininity if they want to.“That’s why empowering the next generation of kids is something I’m passionate about and it’s great to work with Barbie to share my story now,” she added.


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