Dustin Lance Black hit back Katie Hopkins


Dustin Lance Black has hit back at Katie Hopkins after she criticised him and his husband Tom Daley for having a son via surrogacy. After the pair announced they are expecting a child, she wrote on Twitter: “And with Amazon Prime Now they get free next day delivery”. Black hit back at the columnist today, after fans attacked her “ignorant” and “homophobic” comments, saying that any pregnancy (whether it is for gay or straight couples, with or without ARTs) is a longtime journey that terrifies and excites at the same time, which has its own ups and downs. “I’ve read a couple of the tweets and there’s some big misconceptions out there about what this process is. I’ve never heard of someone who does not know their surrogate, and doesn’t know them well. A part of the process is either choosing someone you know and love and have that relationship with… or you have to build a relationship like that,” Lance added.


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