homophobes damage ads featuring gay couples


An ad campaign featuring same-sex couples in the Netherlands has been, mildly speaking, unwelcomed by the locals – posters are smashed, torn and sprayed with paint. Some had anti-gay slogans and swastikas daubed over the top of the image. Speaking to Dutch-language online newspaper NU.nl, the company’s CEO Fokke de Jong said that such a reaction made them take a step back. He said: “We expected quite some extreme reactions,but not to this extent, and certainly not in the Netherlands. Many people ask us how to explain these posters to their children. Those are questions we never get when we use a sexually-charged poster with a man and a woman.” But taking a step back does not mean that the campaign is cancelled, they will m,ove forward and promote equality. Mr de Jong added: “Thanks to this campaign, a whole new group of customers is discovering us. We have also had [positive feedback], but I understand that the negative comments are more appealing to [talk about].”


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