SNP’s Mhairi Black receives online abuse for being a lesbian


SNP MP Mhairi Black has opened up about the vile homophobic and sexist abuse she received after becoming an MP in 2015. By the way, she was the youngest MP in British history. Ms Black, the MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire South spoke out today in a debate on proposals to consider sexism no less harmful than racism or homophobia. It is a widespread problem that nobody notices and it is rarely challenged, but it does not mean that people suffer from it less. “We find the best insults, and that is how we have a laugh, but I struggle to see any joke in systematically being called a dyke, a rug muncher, a slut, a whore and a scruffy bint. I have been told, ‘You can’t put lipstick on a pig,’ and, ‘Let the dirty bitch eat shit and die’,” said the politician, who added that some users whom she has not even met told her she was too ugly to be raped. “All those insults were tailored to me because I am a woman. We can kid ourselves that those are comments by a few bad, anonymous people on Twitter, but they are not: this is everyday language. I am aware that everyone here was uncomfortable hearing those insults—I felt uncomfortable reading them out—yet there are people who feel comfortable flinging those words around every day. When that language goes unchallenged, it becomes normalised, and that creates an environment that allows women to be subjected to a whole spectrum of abuse,” she went on, insisting that such insults cannot be treated as a norm and remain unpunished .


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