Thor: Ragnarok cut off a bisexual love scene from DVD release


Last year’s Marvel smash hit included Valkyrie, the first ever female superhero of the film identifying as bisexual. Actress Tessa Thompson admitted that she really loved to play a bi character. The actress, who has also starred in Selma, Creed, Westworld and a Janelle Monáe video, wrote thje character’s sexuality would n not be changed and Valkyrie is a bi woman who would not give a damn what other people think of her. However, the film itself did not explicitly confirm her interest in women on-screen. A scene which showed Valkyrie’s sexuality for all to see (the director added it on Thompson’s demand) was cut from the cinematic release. And despite including additional material for the film’s DVD release, like bonus features on villain Hela and Valkyrie herself, the scene was omitted again.


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