Transgender foster carer thinks that children turned her life into heaven


Trans woman named Rona has been a foster carer for 15 years, PinkNews reports. She shared her story to inspire more LGBT people to give their love to those who struggle. Rona transitioned into female when she was 40 and felt completely reborn, she has become a new person and left machines (she worked as a mechanical engineer) to devote herself completely to people. She said that if she would not have been allowed to foster kids she would devote her life to taking care about elderly people – serving people in need was her vocation and she would not step down, even though she had a controversial past (she used to disobey the law when she was younger). But she was allowed to be a foster carer and understood that her troublesome past could be turned into a plus – a person who has never struggled would never help another struggling person. “I’m so glad I’ve done it. I feel like I’ve achieved something. To me, heaven and hell is… heaven is when you have a good influence on, and leave the world in a better state than when you came to it, and hell is when you’re a really nasty horrible person and create conflict, and leave the world in a worse state. To me, this is heaven. I feel like I’ve paid back for all of the problems I’ve caused and I hope I’ve helped to raise some really lovely young people,” she said.


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