Muslim leader thinks that women bear gay kids if they think about other people during sex


Good news: some religious leaders have finally understood that people are born gay and it is not a ‘choice’ or a ‘lifestyle’. Bad news: the reasons why they believe some people to be born gay are just out of mind. Rahmatulloh Saifutdinov preaches at the Mirzo Yusuf Mosque in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, and according to his theory if a woman thinks about another man (for example some celebrity) when she has sex with her husband, then the husband has sex not with his wife but with a man she thinks about at that moment. And it is not even the top of ridiculousness. When a father feels like he has sex with a man, such a feeling is transmitted to a child who is conceived and if it is a boy he is likely to be gay. And if the father thinks about another woman during the child’s conception then he is likely to have conceived… yes, you must have guessed it – a lesbian daughter! As a ‘solution’ he offers to forbid Turkish soap operas, because Turkish actors often become celebrity crushes of Uzbek women.


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