Olly Alexander from Years & Years says that his new song is inspired by sex with straight men


The openly gay British musician reveals that the brand new song ‘Sanctify’, which the band has released last week alongside with a sci-fi-style music video (Olly plays a human who has to hide from androids who own the planet and use humans for entertaining purposes. They still catch him and he makes their micro schemes blow with his sassy dance movements, it is obviously a must-watch!) was inspired by meeting guys who identify as straight on gay dating apps. ‘You don’t need to be straight with me, I see was underneath your mask’ Olly sings. ‘Now that I’m an out gay man – very out – I’ve noticed how some straight guys gravitate…it’s weird because I’ve almost found myself having these encounters with straight guys and find myself playing this saint and sinner role, or like this angel and devil, because I’m leading them down the path of “sinful gayness,”‘he reveals, adding that he helps these people to satisfy the inner desire they consider to be sinful and shameful, so they hide it, but deep down their minds they want this kind of love.


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