Lesbian teacher suspended for trying to help LGBT pupils


A lesbian teacher who wrote to her school a letter with a request to provide anti-discriminatory measures for LGBT students was banned from teaching for half a year. Stacy Bailey, who was made teacher of the year at Texas’s Charlotte Anderson Elementary School in 2016, wrote to several school board members in August.  All she wanted is to discuss the possibility of changing the wording in the current anti-discrimination policy in her school. Bailey said the district broke federal law by refusing to end racial segregation in schools for 11 years after the landmark Supreme Court ruling in Brown v. The Board of Education. She emailed to staff at another school in the district to ask about their LGBT policy, but then she was informed about an investigation against her and temporary suspension she faces. But Bailey was told to “make no contact with students, parents or other staff members,” and warned not to talk about her “administrative leave situation with others.”


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