Man is irritated for being mistaken for the Canadian PM


A man has spoken out about his outrage after he was horrified to find that the Daily Mail had
used a pic of him wearing drag and had written that it was Justin Trudeau. The article on the newspaper’s website, named “he banned the word mankind and cried when he met his wife… is Canada’s Justin Trudeau the most PC politician?” featured a picture of writer Brian Gresko in drag in his college heyday claiming it was nobody but the Prime Minister of Canada. Of course, Gresko recognized himself and wrote in Twitter: “Hey @DailyMailUK I’m flattered you think I look like @JustinTrudeau but that photo you claim is PM Trudeau in drag is actually me, circa 1998, Oberlin College Drag Ball”. He added that the pic should be deleted and if the DM apologises it would be great. “Trudeau (pictured) may have acquired his hippy ethos and taste for flowing robes and floral necklaces from his mother, Margaret,” reads the caption to the image. Although the article is still online, the photo has since been removed.


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