Man who admits pushing a trans woman in the river won’t be charged


A man who admitted to pushing a trans woman into a river to her death will not be charged with unintended homicide. Kenne McFadden, 26 was alleged to have been pushed into the San Antonio river by Mark Daniel Lewis, 20. As he admitted pushing her, the court found no reason to charge him. State District Judge Joey Contreras ruled that it did not rise to the level of criminal conduct that meant he had violated his probation, so the incident legally was just a ‘terrible tragedy’. Yet in spite of those thoughts, he decided it was “not true” that Lewis had violated the terms of his probation. Joanna McFadden, the victim’s mother collapsed in the courtroom and was taken to a hospital by paramedics after the ruling was made, reported The Houston Chronicle. Lewis, who was seen kissing McFadden, alleged that he pushed her away when she attempted to grope him. He did not attempt to rescue McFadden as she drowned in the river.


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