Campaigner says that trans acceptance is a question of life or death


A leading US transgender activist has spoken out about the importance of embracing a child and let them know that they are loved. It works for trans and cis children equally. But parents of trans kids should understand that if they don’t accept their children, the children won’t accept themselves and won’t take their place in this world. Sarah McBride, who is the press secretary of the Human Rights Campaign, is encouraging families to accept their child when they come out, in fear of the dire roster of mental health problems transgender people can experience when they are disowned, rejected or just feel the lack of love. McBride also spoke about President Trump’s transgender military ban, and stated it was not done under consultation, it was impulsive and Trump personally could not even imagine how deeply it may hurt. “This was not done, contrary to his assertions, in consultation with his generals. It was not done in consultation with the Pentagon. It was done based on a whim, by a commander in chief who has governed with bigotry from the start,” she added.


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