Trans Youtuber Gigi Gorgeous is engaged to female beloved


Trans YouTube star Gigi Gorgeous got engaged to her girlfriend Nats Getty in Paris. Nats was the one who proposed, it was a very romantic engagement in one of the castles of Paris. Nats planned the proposal very long and wanted it to be perfect. Gigi told her fans about her engagement in a 12-minute long proposal video uploaded to her channel. Nats said in her proposal to Gigi: “Two years ago I was broken and then I met you and I told you then and it’s still true now that you brought me back to life. In that moment I knew I loved you, I knew I met my best friend, my partner in crime. May I ask you to be my one and only baby girl forever, I want and need you to be my one and only forever?” A fireworks display was held straight after Getty got on one knee and the pair embraced each other. Gigi said the proposal was nothing but a beautiful dream.


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