LGBT Pride volunteers set up a market stall and received a flood of homophobia in respond


Volunteers who were promoting a Pride event in Stratford-upon-Avon received more than 100 homophobic replies for just one day. Warwickshire Pride had been running a stall at the market in Stratford-upon-Avon on Saturday, sponsored by Stratford Town Trust, but the volunteers recived a number of abusive comments that literally shocked them.”The first person who approached the stall shouted at our volunteer and told him that an LGBT+ stall has no place in Stratford,” the statement on the organization’s behalf reads. Almost every person passing the stall commented that it was disgusting and it was not something they wanted to see. Warwickshire Pride added: “Although what happened that day has been deeply upsetting and distressing, it has not deterred us from continuing to work for LGBT+ people in Stratford. If anything, we are more determined to ensure that LGBT+ people in Stratford feel safe and able to be who they are. For years, LGBT+ people in Stratford have told us that they do not feel safe there due to hate comments and looks they receive from people. We now fully understand why LGBT+ people in Stratford feel that way and will be doing all we can to ensure this trend does not continue.”


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