Sally Field’s son met his Olympic celebrity crush


Sam Greisman has never been hiding the admiration he felt to the openly gay Olympic bronze medalist Adam Rippon, whom he called an Olympic prince and complimented repeatedly via social media. “I hate being earnest but an openly, ‘non-passing’, sassy, beautiful gay 20-something daring America not to love him and becoming the sweetheart of the Olympic Games is very moving to me,” he wrote.His celebrity mom Sally Field admitted that Adam indeed was a lovely guy and if her son liked him so much then they probably should have got acquainted. Rippon responded at the time: “Sam, your mum – I admire her. And I’m sure one day we’re going to meet! So thanks, mum.” And it has finally happened, Rippon and Greisman met as Rippon was honoured by the Human Rights Campaign, who gave the Olympian a visibility award. Greisman took to Twitter to post a photo of him and Rippon at the event, captioning it “thanks, mom.”


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