Acting agency that denied a gay actor because they already had one is now closed


As we reported last week and acting agency has rejected an actor because he was gay and there already was one gay actor among their clients. Many actors who worked with the agency decided to leave it following the scandal, so it had to close its doors. Joseph Segal, who was told that hiring him would be a clash because he was gay, was supported by many of his colleagues. The agency’s statement of apology included: “We have told all our clients about this incident, we believe it is important for us to be open and honest with all our clients.” As part of their apology, the agency offered to donate money to the charities of Segal’s choice, MIND and the LGBT Foundation.Two days later, Segal tweeted on behalf of the agency to say that they would be closing. He added that the agency was not experienced enough and did not belong to official associations. At the end Segal thanked everybody who supported him.


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