Dying man was denied to be a heart donor because he had sex with men


Corey Eteveneaux was left on life support following a terrible car crash. The mother and the partner of the 24-year-old man from New Zealand were told that he would not survive, so the life support is to be turned off. But they said that he would like to help other people, to save other lives even when his own is over. They took steps to offer Corey’s heart valves and corneas, but they were informed that it would be impossible to use the young man’s organs because he was gay. “I spoke with a woman from Organ Donation NZ and initially I thought she wanted to speak to me about Corey’s tattoos and when the last time was he had work done,” Corey’s mom told Stuff, “Instead she told me they couldn’t take Corey’s heart valves or corneas because of his lifestyle”. The mother insisted that her son, as well as his partner, had undergone medical tests regularly. So there is no doubt that Corey was completely healthy and could have helped those who needed it. “I can’t see why we as homosexual men need to be discriminated against for what we do behind closed doors,” said Corey’s boyfriend Daniel, “I know Corey would have loved to have helped someone, but some poor family has lost out.”


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