Gay couple sues Republicans for using their photo for the anti-gay campaign


Shane Morgan and husband Landon were stunned to see pictures from their special day used as part of a leaflet paid for by anti-LGBT Republicans.The ad targets Gayle Jordan, a friend of the pair who is running for Tennessee Senate District 14 as a Democrat, saying that he did not deserve to win a seat in the Senate because she officiated a gay wedding. It claims that she will “destroy the fabric of American society”, making reference to a joke she made on social media parodying anti-gay activists. he couple’s faces are blurred in the ad, but Mr Morgan – a combat veteran with PTSD, who served in the military during a ban on openly gay soldiers – says it has “ruined” their memories of the special day and believed that it was done one purpose. GOP denied it and claimed that the mailer is only meant to highlight Jordan’s comment on social media – despite the prominent photo of the wedding, which takes up nearly half the leaflet.


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