Supermarket owner forbade a trans worker to contact with customers


A transgender supermarket worker has revealed how she was banned from working with buyers if she is dressed as a woman. The woman, in her 50s, wrote that management told her that the shop was not a place for her if she expressed herself that way. The ruling came despite another boss in the supermarket was quite supportive. “Although I’m in my 50s, I intend going through the process of fully becoming a woman and, as you probably know, part of this process involves living full time as a woman. With this in mind, I had to speak to my boss (I work as a checkout ­operator) and she said that she’d support me and would inform the other staff. Fine, I thought, and made arrangements to go into work as a woman,” said the worker. Despite one manager being supportive, they refused to overrule their colleague who undermined her rights as a trans woman. The woman’s identity is not known nor which supermarket she works in.


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