Human Ken Doll Rodrigo Alves has to wear corset 24/7


The 34-year-old had four “floating” ribs extracted in a highly dangerous operation and he is the first man to do so, it was a very painful procedure and it had terrible consequences for Rodrigo. He is now wearing corsets daily in a bid to slim down his figure, admitting that when he doesn’t his waist blasts to a similar size as before the ribs removal, but he insists that the operation was not senseless, he feels the results and he is happy about them. “Having my ribs removed is not important. What’s important to me is to look a certain way. I like to look different,” said the man, “I like the fact that I have reinvented myself with the help of plastic surgery and that I don’t look like any other man, I don’t look like anyone else and I do like that. I am my own person, I am my own brand and it feels good to be an individual as well. Having the ribs removed is just a small fraction of it. I didn’t have any plastic surgery to please anybody rather than myself and I never had plastic surgery to have the attention from the media or the press. It was an accident.”


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