Gay comedian Rhys Nicholson talked about homophobic abuse he experienced


The Australian comedian said he was a victim of a homophobic attack in the train. “I was sitting on a train into a gig with my headphones on when four people (three twenty somethings and an older guy) got on. They were regular looking well dressed people except one of the young guys had a neck tattoo of a rose. Let a thousand blossoms bloom I guess. When ol’ rose neck saw me he loudly said ‘you can always spot a faggot on Melbourne hey’. I looked up and rolled my eyes. He continued ‘it’s looking at me. If it keeps looking at me, something’s going to happen to it’,” said the man, adding that they threatened to bash him to death. He added that it was hurtful, but he is alright, because he is used to it, unfortunately. The comedian went on to criticise the country’s right-wing Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull for forcing a public vote on same-sex marriage last year, which provided a massive boost to the anti-LGBT movement and led to a surge in homophobic incident. He added; “I don’t blame Malcolm Turnbull for these people existing. I blame he and his government for giving them a voice. Thank you Malcolm for leading these horses to water.”


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