Homophobic radio host says people are born gay because God punishes humanity for abortions


At least one person who opposes gay rights agrees that being gay is not a ‘choice’, not a ‘lifestyle’, it is something people are born with. It is goof. But this person believes that people are born this way to punish humanity. It is not good. The surreal claim comes from Linda Harvey of Mission: America, a columnist for far-right website World Net Daily and the host of a radio show where she peaches Christianity and tells parents to disown their LGBT kids if they failed to ‘cure’ them. In her speech, noted by Right Wing Watch, Harvey suggest the LGBT community was created by God as a lesson to humanity, reminding them that abortions are wrong. “We won’t know until we see Him, but it is very possible that as an instrument of God’s judgment, He is using the punishment to come on us through our children, the corruption of our children. Even more horrifying, we are letting it happen,” Harvey says. Agreeing that people are born gay is a great step forward for evangelicals. But let us remind you that according to the Christian doctrine every (EVERY!) person has been created by the image of God and every life is a gift. God does not judge, God does not condemn, people do. And no parents in the world would agree that their children (even when they are ‘different’) are ‘a punishment’. We are not a curse, we are a blessing!


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