Lesbians proclaim Harry Styles as their icon


He campaigns for LGBT rights. He waves Pride flags (rainbow flag, trans flag, bi flag) at his concerts. He had been shipped by fans with his male bandmate for years (even though this bandmate identifies as straight and has a son). He said it was ridiculous to label yourself and to be curious about other people’s sex life but still hinted on being bisexual in his songs. Anyway, LGBT+ community has a lot of reasons to love Harry Styles. And now it appears that the group of people marked with a letter L in the acronym is also in owe to the British singer. “I love it when we play 1950,” the singer once tweeted and his lesbian fanbase decoded this message in their own manner. The line is a lyric from King Princess’s 1950, a song about lesbian love, so the queer women started to massively thank Harry for being so supportive and caring about them, making them feel safe and loved.


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