Watchers demand gay male comedians on SNL


A comedian has called out Saturday Night Live saying that the watchers need more gay comedians on the show. James Adomian, who is known for his viral impersonations of former Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, called out the show which does not represent gay men on the necessary level. While one of the show’s long-running cast members Kate McKinnon is a lesbian, Adomian points out that the show has earned a male gay fanbase for 30 years and that is why more diversity is needed. The last male SNL cast member who was openly gay was Terry Sweeney, who lasted just one season on the show in 1985. Adfomian, who auditioned himself 13 years ago, said of his audition: “It certainly didn’t help that I was openly gay.” He claimed that execs including SNL’s Lorne Michaels were afraid of putting gay people on TV: “[They’re saying], I’m not homophobic, but I’m afraid that my audience is.”


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