85-year-old man is to become a drag artist. Never too late


Stan Doran, who was born in 1933, was a boxer and worked as a deliverer in the mob. He was, and still is, a gay man, but homosexuality was a crime when he was young, so he had to hide his sexuality and his dream to become a drag queen was as close to realty as riding a unicorn. But it was then. Now he is a pensioner who has time and energy to do what he wants and being gay and a drag queen is not something widely condemned or criminalized anymore. Drag star Fagulous, aka Niall Hunt, asked Mr. Doran to perform as persona Simply Shirley at a drag night that they take part in. “We transformed him from an 85-year-old man into the drag queen diva he is. He’s a natural who knows how to make an audience laugh. I’ve got so much confidence in him,” Fagulous wrote on his blog. “I’ve always dreamt of doing it, but never thought I could. But if you want to do something, give it a try. You’ve got nothing to lose,” said Doran.


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