Cambridge Analytica discussed gossips around homosexuality as election ploy


A Cambridge Analytica top boss has been caught on tape boasting that the organisation apparently tried to discredit the election candidates by spreading the rumors that they were gay. A secret recording carried out by Channel 4 has shown the managing director of the data analysis company’s political division Mark Turnbull saying that gossips were spread to spoil the candidates’ reputation. A recording and transcript between the Channel 4 journalist and Turnbull sees the reporter volunteer the notion that “if the minister is homosexual” it could make them resign. In the report, Turnbull says that the organisation analyses people’s “hopes and fears” to find out how to discredit candidates in people’s eyes. Turnbull also indicates that the data harvesting market is far larger than Cambridge Analytica, and alleges that a series of ex-M15 workers are now working for data analysis companies that are also in incredibly influential positions. I know people who used to work for M15, M16, who now work for these private organisations,” said Turnbull.


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