Republican congressman Steve Pearce defends himself after making homophobic comments


A Republican congressman refuses to say sorry for his claims that LGBT equality would lead to ‘AIDS marriages’, whatever it means. The recording, flagged by Huffington Post, features the congressman rallying against same-sex weddings, claiming they will lead to fraudulent marriages to allow “people with AIDS” to get healthcare benefits. Does healthcare for people with AIDS differ according to their marital status? Well, no. But before same-sex marriages were legally recognized in the USA on the federal level in 2013, the opponents of LGBT tried their best not to let it happen. But even now, when he has to admit that same-sex marriages are legal, Steve Pearce stated (with a help of his representative) that he is not going to step away from what he said then. “Congressman Pearce believes the government should not be involved in redefining marriage. He personally believes marriage is between a man and a woman. The issue, however, is settled law,” said his spokesman.


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