Anti-gay politician’s helper was caught having sex with a teen boy


Nick Provenzano, 56, served as deputy district director to Randy Hultgren, a Republican congressman for Illinois who has spoken against same-sex marriage. The police have caught him in the middle of sexual act with a young man, aged just 17 in an SUV with its lights off, parked on a dead-end road. It has been found that the men met each other through gay dating app. According to a police report obtained by Politico, Provenzano was in the driver’s seat when the police discovered his car. He said that he and the teen were talking about life and the reason for him being naked was too hot weather. The aide told the officer later that he “did not want to admit to anything, but stated that contact between him and [the teenager] was consensual. The age of consent in Illinois is 17, or 18 if the other person “holds a position of trust, authority, or supervision in relation to the victim”. The teenager told police that he had engaged in sexual contact in the car with Provenzano, adding that he agreed upon it.


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