Gay Kenyans won a right not to have forceful anal exams


Kenya has taken a landmark decision to rule that the use of forced anal examination is now legally banned. The National Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (NGLHRC) challenged the practice following the treatment of two apparently gay men arrested 3 years ago. The men were subjected to forced anal examinations, which police claimed was to find out if they were gay. Homosexuality is illegal in Kenya. Lawyers for NGLHRC claimed the forced examinations were physically painful and threatening to a person’s dignity. Head of Legal Affairs for NGLHRC, Njeri Gateru, welcomed the court’s decision, it is a step forward to admitting that all people deserve privacy and dignity regardless of sexuality. The decision comes after the Kenya Medical Association (KMA) spoke out against the practice, saying: “Condemn and discourage any form of forced examination of clients, even in the guise of discovering crimes.”


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