Opposite-sex marriages are more likely to end with divorce in comparison to same-sex marriages, study shows


Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law.  held a study according to which same-sex married couples (especially male) are less likely to divorce than opposite-sex ones. The study, which tracked more than 500 couples in Vermont over the course of 12 years, also revealed that in most cases women are initiating divorce, no matter whether their marriage is same-sex or opposite sex, some data even shows that lesbian women are more likely to break up with their wives. Professor Esther Rothblum, the study’s author and a visiting scholar at the Williams Institute who also teaches women’s studies at San Diego State University, said that the reason is that women are often idolizing the institution of marriage and expect more from their spouses and their unions than it is actually possible for them to receive. If you’re wondering whether having children will help or damage your marriage’s chances of lasting, the study found that having a baby has no effect. Another author of the study, Kimberly Balsam from Palo Alto University, said the study was “crucial in combating stereotypes about same-sex couples,” adding that she hoped it would “inform policy and program development to support healthy relationships for all couples.”


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