Queer Eye’s Tan France hides being gay when goes abroad


Queer Eye’s fashion icon Tan France has opened up about his experiences on the Netflix reboot and his travelling habits. The fashion designer is happily married to a man but there are still places on the map where he is unfortunately unable to reveal it, for example China. Going there he leaves his wedding ring at home and by the Chinese laws he is still a bachelor (marriage equality is not recognized in China, homosexuality in general is far from being a socially accepted issue). He also said that he is limited in choosing routes because he is a public person and everybody knows that he is gay, and there are countries where he can be put in jail or even killed for it. These countries may be beautiful and interesting for him as a traveler, but they are dangerous for him as a gay man, so he does not go there. Yet, he emphasizes, believing that soon the world will become safe for everyone without any exception.


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