RuPaul’s Drag Race star Katya opens up about drugs, rehabs and physical and emotional cleanness


Brian McCook, better known under the drag name Katya Zamolodchikova, had to undergo a rehabilitation to win his addiction to crystal meth. McCook says he has now completed his time in rehab where he felt torn out from reality. The performer describes such an experience as ‘totally psychotic’. Speaking on the podcast Whimsically Volatile with Craig MacNeil he explained that relapsing made him hallucinate about seeing God and hearing His voice. It was really terrifying. He cpould not differ hallucinations from reality. H notes that when a person starts taking drugs it is already a hell. But when a person tries to stop it, it does not happen fast and easy, to become clean one should gp through one more circle of hell. “I almost had a restraining order put upon me by someone who shall remain nameless, because he’s a wonderful man and I care very much about him. And then I almost socked it to another person who shall also remain nameless because I care very much about them. This was rock bottom. In fact, if you have a wagon wheel watusi… you have the bottom of the barrel, I was the sludge under the barrel,” Brian said. He checked into Serenity Care Centre in Arizona where he received treatment for the crystal meth addiction and mental health difficulties. McCook said that the drag act was over due to a lack of pay and sleep, however earlier this week it was revealed Katya is ready to come back on stage.


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