The staff of the store, used in anti-LGBT ad, is furious about it


An anti-trans group has been forced to change its hateful advert following a complaint from the supermarket the ad was originally filmed in. Keep MA Safe, an organisation built around campaigning in favor of a Massachusetts ballot initiative to purge gender identity from the state’s anti-discrimination law filmed a video about the issue, focusing on trans women using female bathrooms. As you might have guessed, here comes one more transphobic scary tale about cross-dressing men who come to female bathrooms to assault little girls. Insightful viewers noticed that the girl and man strolling through the store at the beginning of the advert were in reality walking through Wegmans, a supermarket chain in the US. Of course, the chain store was not informed about it in advance. The bathroom scene was not actually filmed there so now the store’s representatives demand to remove the video in question not to mislead the public. Keep MA Safe has failed to respond to the letter from Wegmans, but has already re-filmed a video without mentioning the store.


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