Transphobic activist has her Twitter account suspended for hateful comments

A monitor is pictured in a kitchen area at tech company Twitter's office space in Santa Monica, California, on April 7, 2015. AFP PHOTO / JONATHAN ALCORN (Photo credit should read JONATHAN ALCORN/AFP/Getty Images)

A prominent anti-trans activist gets suspension from the micro-blogging service due to her transphobia. Venice Allan has been a prominent figure in the backlash to streamlining the process of gender recognition for trans people and has been incredibly vocal with her anti-trans stance. She, in part, insisted that transgender women fought against cis women and women”s rights, refusing to understand that trans people are people, their rights are human rights, and the rights of trans women, in fact, belong to women’s rights, so according to her logic trans women were fighting against themselves. On March 22, it appeared that Allan’s Twitter account, with over 2500 followers, had been suspended. Twitter suspends accounts for impersonation, spam, and abusive behavior. It was not clarified why Allan was suspended, but she was neither spamming, nor impersonating anyone, so abusing others was the only thing Twitter could incriminate her. Many Twitter users sympathetic to Allan’s anti-trans point of view took to the micro-blogging site to show their support for her.


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