Will & Grace to kill off Debbie Reynolds’ character


Beloved gay sitcom Will & Grace is to say goodbye to Debbie Reynolds, who passed away two years ago because she was not able to live without her adored daughter Carrie Fisher, who had died just a couple of days before her mother. Reynolds had many significant roles in her career, in part she used to be a guest star on the popular TV series. The sitcom, which returned to TV last year, will next week make time to pay tribute to Reynolds, who was one of the show’s most prolific celebrity guest stars on its original run, clocking up 12 appearances as Grace’s mother Bobbi Adler. The new episode of the show confirms that Bobbi is also dead. The cast and crew wants to pay tribute to the actress such a way. While Grace and other characters remember the best things about Bobbie. mourn of her, they are actually mourning off the actress who transformed her best features on the character. They hope that the watchers will see it and remember what an amazing person Debbie Reynolds was.


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