Dustin Lance Black has to hit back the haters again


The Oscar-winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, who is having a baby via surrogacy with his British husband Tom Daley, had been co-hosting an hour-long discussion of surrogacy at the BBC Radio 5 Live’s Afternoon Edition. During the segment, Black said that the negative reaction within the UK was fuelled by “misconceptions” – and revealed that after months of silence, he and his husband have decided to be more opened. There are many haters who send them abusive comments, but Tom and Lance believe that these people just have a lot of fake stereotypes about same—sex parenting and they, as public personalities, feel responsible for explaining them what it actually is, and also to let other gay and lesbian parents know that they are not alone in such a journey. As for those who say that two men cannot raise a child, Lance tells them that there are different families — there are children, brought up in single-parent families (Lance himself has been such a child and his single mom loved him for two, he never felt any lack of love or care) there are those who are brought up by more than two parents in polygamous societies, so what is wrong about having two loving and caring daddies?


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