Indonesian politician accused LGBT people of destroying the country


Zulkifli Hasan, one of the most influential Indonesian politicians, claimed that globalization and modernization tendencies would lead to LGBT people damaging the country, as the Western example would make minorities ‘go out of control’. “The fact is very sad, we even lose who we are, because of the loss of identity and values,” Zulkifli said in his speech as the chair of the People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR). He noted that Western countries are already viewed as a sample of an ideal society by many Indonesians, but not all of them are ready to divide Western values, to which he counted LGBT ‘lifestyle’, drugs and alcohol. In spite of the politician’s comments, the likes of the Jakarta Post have reached out to condemn the remarks in an editorial, stating that encouraging people to hate one another brings no positive effect. A rising crackdown on LGBT+ people in Indonesia is affecting the community’s rights on the local level. An Indonesian province where LGBTQ+ people face rife persecution wants to introduce beheadings. The province, Aceh, is the only one in Indonesia to enforce Sharia law. Beheadings have been internationally condemned as a form of punishment by the UN. Lawmakers could soon pass a bill to criminalize gay sex.


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