Man who failed to marry his laptop now tries to criminalize pornography


Chris Sevier has been promoting legislation across the United States that would automatically ban free online pornography stating that all users should have to pay a fixed sum of money ($20) for watching such kind of videos. He called his campaign “Elizabeth Smart Law” (named after the Utah citizen kidnapped 15 years ago. She already responded to the campaign asking Mr. Sevier to erase her name from it). Previously, legal troll Sevier has sued five states for the right to tie the knot to his Macbook, claiming that if a man has a right to marry another man then a man should have a right to marry inanimate objects if he wants to. But his computer was just not ‘old’ enough for marriage and the case was dismissed by all courts it could reach to. And the current campaign is also quite likely to fail, but it appears that Mr. Sevier is not alone in his desire to ban pornography. The Electronic Frontier Foundation also opposes the idea and has highlighted a worrying trend — similar legislation has been proposed in 18 states over the past two years. The state of Rhode Island is expected to hear a draft bill soon.


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