Mike Pence’s hometown is to hold an LGBT Pride Parade


The hometown of anti-gay Vice President Mike Pence does not want to be linked to him and to his homophobic views. To show it, they decided to celebrate the town’s first ever LGBT Pride festival. Erin Bailey, a high school student, has organized the Columbus Pride Festival to let the LGBT residents know that they are accepted and welcomed here, the town’s community is diverse and people’s sexuality has never been considered problematic, the organizer insists. Yes, Mike Pence was born in this town and made it famous nationwide. Yes, the VP’s homophobia is also known nationwide, however had he tries to deny it). People of Columbus are proud that Pence was born there, but they are not proud of the ideas he expresses, the town’s people don’t want Americans to believe that Columbus means homophobia. So they hold a Pride event to prove the opposite.


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