Parkland survivor Emma Gonzalez believes bisexuality makes her stronger


Parkland survivor Emma Gonzalez, the bisexual president of Stoneman Douglas High School’s Gay-Straight Alliance, insists that that fact that she is bisexual has never been an obstacle for her social activism; moreover, it gave her a lesson of resisting stereotypes and fighting for her rights, as well as the rights of her community. Only because of being bi the girl started to understand what it meant to be limited and persecuted, she sees how terrible it is and wants to overcome it. She has been at the forefront of the #NeverAgain movement as she called out the politicians, gun advocates and those who just did not want to believe that teens were mature enough to speak for themselves. And it is very important for people to speak out, not to stay in closet, in all meanings, Emma believes. It took time for her to learn to speak for herself, but when she found enough courage for it, she felt she could speak for other people too — for her friends, classmates and even for the whole country. Gonzalez’s position as head of her school’s Gay-Straight Alliance taught her to hear other people’s voices, to help people in need, to support them, to inspire them and to be inspired from them. Speak out louder and there will be those who will hear you, Emma believes.


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