Bisexual musician Ezra Furman inspires people like him to ‘escape from prison’


American singer and queer artist Ezra Furman has shared his most poignant thoughts on coming out saying that it took many years for him to accept that fact that he is a bisexual man and to be ready to speak about it. But even when he did, he did not feel he needed to come out publicly. He was affected by the stigma around bisexual people and thought that coming out was not for him because he was ‘not gay enough’ for it. “It was kind of okay to just be closeted mostly, to just tell a few people, until after a while it started to corrode my soul a little bit,” he added, “I also think there’s a dangerous tendency underneath that – society wants to pat itself on the back and congratulate itself for its tolerance, but there’s a problem with the idea that gender difference is something to be tolerated, and a bigger problem which makes you think the work is done.”


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