Homophobic campaigner compares himself to Jesus wishing happy Easter to everyone


Brian Brown, the head of the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage congratulated people with Easter and it was as hateful and hilarious as most of his statements. “I can’t help but feel the parallels between what happened during Christ’s time on earth and some of our own experiences in recent times, including in the struggle to preserve, protect and promote marriage as the union of one man and one woman,” he said. As far as we know, nobody has ever tried to crucify Mr. Brown or anyone whose opinion is the same as his, and men who want to marry women (as well as women who want to marry men) are able to do this — nobody persecutes heterosexual people for their wish to marry. But for him it is not an argument, he still believes he “can imagine how Jesus must have felt, having experienced on a far lesser scale a seeming seismic shift in public opinion… in the object of much of my work, the preservation of marriage.” Jesus mentioned marriage in His teachings several times, indeed. But what He mentioned much oftener is that people should not judge, condemn or hate one another, and if to look from this point of view Brown has nothing in common with Christ.


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