Lesbian parents and three of their six children ‘plunge off cliff’


Sarah and Jennifer Hart, along with their children Jeremiah, 14, Abigail, 14, and Markis, 19, were found dead in their SUV after the parents were reported to Child Protective Services, other three kids aged from 12 to 16 were not in the car. Their location is currently not known, they are declared missing. “There were no skid marks. There were no break marks,” Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Allman said, “There was no indication of why this vehicle traversed approximately over 75 feet off a dirt pullout and went into the Pacific Ocean.” Authorities say that it is the most likely that it was an accident, though that fact, that the whole family disappeared , is quite suspicious. Jennifer and Sarah Hart, both 39, were reported to Child Protective Services just days before they died, after one of their kids complained to neighbor that his mom were punishing him for disobeying with starvation. The neighbor also reported that another of the children came to their home at 1:30 a.m. in 2017 asking for their “protection.” Sarah Hart pleaded guilty to domestic assault charges in 2011. Her plea deal led to the dismissal of a malicious punishment of a child charge.


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