Polls show that Donald Trump has a terrible record on LGBT rights


According to the recent polls Donald Trump’s job on LGBT rights can be described only from the negative point of view. A poll, conducted by YouGov for The Economist, asked voters to valuate Trump’s work in a number of directions, and LGBT rights is not the field of the POTUS’ success. 44 percent of Americans said they strongly or somewhat disapproved of the way Trump was handling “gay rights”, compared to just 29 percent who strongly or somewhat approved of his handling of the issue. 27 percent had no opinion, 35 percent strongly disapproved and only 12 percent strongly approved, which makes LGBT rights the biggest fail of Mr. Trump after the budget deficit. However, few voters see the issue as a deal-breaker – with just two percent of those polled picking “gay rights” as “the most important issue for you”. Trump has been strongly criticized by LGBT groups since taking office, facing accusations that his officials have sought to undermine much of the progress from the Obama administration.


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