Sam Smith says ‘no’ to alcohol to cure mental health disorders


The Oscar and Grammy winner Sam Smith reveals that he suffers from anxiety that makes him feel terrified every single time when he needs to go on stage. “I thought I would be more in control of my body and emotions but I get so nervous, to the point I’m almost having panic attacks, says Sam, adding that he is blessed to have people who love him and who are always ready to cuddle him and tell him to calm down when he needs it. He started struggling with mental health after Christmas and to help himself he quit alcohol and started practicing meditation. “There were ups and downs. Burning is about feeling you are not in control. It’s about the self-destructive element — I was going out drinking way too much. Of course, you want to celebrate that these amazing things have happened but you can’t celebrate all the time,” said Sam, “When I don’t drink and I’m not smoking cigarettes, when I’m completely clean, I feel so focused and happy. I don’t see myself drinking for the rest of the year because of the tour. I am more fun when off the booze — it’s nice. I am enjoying it now and we will see how it goes.”


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