Sir Elton John: No, I don’t quit music


Even though Sir Elton announced farewell tour and promised never to go abroad again, he swears that leaving music forever is not in his plans, music is his life and he does not want to finish his career. He will sing and play no matter what, but only in UK. If fans love and respect Sir Elton enough, they can go to his homeland to hear him singing live, it will be possible as long as he is alive and healthy. He just wants to spend all his time with his husband David and his two adorable sons. The outspoken LGBT rights advocate said he still intends to to record albums, write music, produce movies and write musicals, and may “never retire”. “You know, you think about your own mortality. And you think, ‘God, I want to spend more time with my boys,’” Sir Elton used to say when he was hospitalized having a deadly virus. Sir Elton’s farewell tour will be spread over a whopping three years – taking in 300 performances around the globe.


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